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By Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates And Yoga January has come and gone.  According to just about every article on the subject, most New Year’s resolutions have now reached the graveyard of good intentions.  Fortunately, any time is appropriate to get back on that bandwagon and try again.  […]

Breath of Life

By Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates and Yoga September 10, 2017 By now we all know of the tragedies and struggles emerging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  There will no doubt be more as the days and weeks go by and people try to move forward with […]

Changing Fast and Slow

By Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates and Yoga August 28, 2017 We know that everything is always changing.  Why is it then that some things seems to change too quickly while other things change way too slowly.  All it takes is a visit from friends or family members […]

A Little Goes a Long Way

Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates and Yoga July 31, 2017 Last week I received an e-mail from a dear friend thanking me for continuing to remind everyone that there is always value in making an effort no matter how small it might seem.  If you participate in available […]

Improving Independence

By Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates and Yoga This past week we celebrated Independence Day, a milestone in American history.  On that day we recall our fledgling nation’s successful effort to separate itself from British rule and establish our own local government.  Since that time the concept of […]

Taming Transitions

    June 26, 2017 By Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates and Yoga Time is such a peculiar concept.  When you look at the universe, the stars, the planets, time doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot.  We measure all movements, distances and changes in terms of time, […]

Coming Back

By Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates and Yoga At some point we all find ourselves in a place that forces us to change our perspectives and view life through a new lens.  Sometimes this transformation is sudden, as in the case of an accident, illness or loss of […]

Finding Your Place In Space

By Peg Ryan Mile High Pilates and Yoga Recently I heard a story about a meditation teacher addressing a class.  He asked his students to demonstrate how they feel space. Immediately every student raised their hands into the air.  The teacher laughed.  He said, “You don’t need to […]