Trump Signs H.R. 1865 the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act

PIERRE, S.D. – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced that the President  has signed H.R. 1865, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 (FOSTA).

“We thank the President for signing H.R. 1865, which provides the States the authority to hold online sites and individuals accountable for supporting the sale of sex trafficking victims,” said Jackley. “The Attorneys General have actively worked to stop enabling sex traffickers via loopholes in the Communications Act. The signing of this legislation will allow our local, state and federal law enforcement operations to work more effectively.”

FOSTA amends the Communications Act of 1934 to create an exception for sex trafficking, making it easier to target websites with legal action for enabling such crimes. Under the package:

• the “Communications Decency Provisions” can no longer be construed to impair or limit civil action or criminal prosecution relating to sex trafficking; and

• those benefiting from “participating in a venture,” knowingly assisting supporting, or facilitating an act of sex trafficking are now in violation of the Federal criminal code.

In addition, FOSTA provides new legal recourse for victims and law enforcement alike, by:

• enhancing penalties—a fine, a prison term of up to 25 years, or both—for people who promote or facilitate the prostitution of five or more people or who contribute to sex trafficking through reckless disregard;

• allowing victims or damaged individuals of sex trafficking seek justice against websites that assist in the violation of Federal sex trafficking laws; and

• enabling State law enforcement officials to take action against individuals or businesses that violate Federal sex trafficking laws.


PIERRE, S.D.  – Local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies have continued to cooperate and strengthen efforts to fight crime in South Dakota.

“The crime statistics reflect that, overall, South Dakota remains a safe place to live as a result of strong community involvement and law enforcement efforts.  Many categories of violent crime, including murder, kidnapping, and child pornography were down in 2017.  However, the national drug epidemic continues to impact overall crime in South Dakota, with drug offense alone increasing 7.2% in 2017,” reported Attorney General Marty Jackley.

“Law enforcement agencies and the men and women in blue are aggressively fighting crime in South Dakota,” said Jackley.  “City, county and state agencies in our state have added close to three hundred more certified officers since 2007, which has also resulted in more arrests to keep our neighborhoods and cities safe.”

South Dakota law enforcement agencies reported a total of 44,265 arrests involving 76,950 offenses in 2017.  The more serious crimes included a total of 20,497 arrests and involve the following: Murder (1st and 2nd Degree)-19, sex offenses-111, assault 4,830, larceny/theft-2,445, fraud-639, drug/narcotic-8,224, prostitution-25, kidnapping-40, robbery-70, arson-8, burglary-393, motor vehicle theft-274, counterfeiting-109, embezzlement-38, stolen property-180, destruction of property-610, pornography/obscene material-15, solicitation of a minor-49 and weapon law violations-226. Less serious crimes totaled 23,768 arrests, involving the following, but not limited to DUI-6,671, liquor law violations-2,843 and disorderly conduct-2,436. Both sex offenses and forcible rapes are below the ten year average.

The crime report is compiled by the Attorney General’s Criminal Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) and is the most accurate and comprehensive compilation of South Dakota criminal statistics as it reflects the actual arrest and reporting information by South Dakota law enforcement. Criminal statistics help identify trends in criminal activity that assists in crime prevention and enforcement efforts across South Dakota.

Some examples of the South Dakota numbers included an increase in arrests for drug offenses from 7,671 in 2016 to 8,224 reported in 2017 and thefts totaling more than $38 million worth of property crime loss reported.

The sex offenses and child pornography arrest categories do not include enticement/solicitation of a minor.  An additional chart for this category has been included separately.

For comparison purposes note that some statistics reflect arrest statistics and other identify incident reports.

Crime in South Dakota 2017 Report