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Bring on The Camo Clad Turkey Hunters

  The spring turkey season offers licenses specifically designated for the prairie units, the Black Hills, Custer State Park and an archery season. Hunters have the opportunity to apply for a license in each of the different seasons. In fact, there is an opportunity to get additional licenses […]

Peg Ryan Some feedback I received regarding last week’s blog post has caused me to revisit the subject and reflect on self-perception vs. actual physical limitations.  Despite my objection to the word “can’t”, I do understand that there are times and circumstances that can prevent or alter abilities. […]

Take Advantage of This Moment

Peg Ryan There are several people in my life right now who are suffering from serious illnesses.  These conditions seemed to arrive out of nowhere.  In particular, I am thinking of two people who considered themselves healthy and active prior to the sudden onset of illness.  This has […]