Final Post

July 10, 2018


To all of you who have been loyal fans and followers of this website, it is with great sadness that I must inform you that Herb Ryan will no longer be maintaining this website.  Herb began Custer Free Press as a labor of love.  He believed that there was a need in Custer for an additional news source to provide current, broad and unbiased information at a time when journalism is under attack.  He took this responsibility very seriously and did his best to pursue truth wherever he found it.  Often he stayed up late at night to bring you the latest information on events as they unfolded.  His coverage included many events that were not covered in other publications and, of course, he brought them to you accompanied by his spectacular photography.  It was incredibly important to him to give you, the reader, a chance to see and feel these events for yourself.

Among the things he loved the most was documenting first responders as they battled fire or helped rescue lost hikers.  He was awed by the color and spectacle of Native American dances and ceremonies.  And, of course, the beauty of our environment here in the Black Hills was a constant source of inspiration.  He was an artist first and foremost and has left a legacy of amazing photographs which I will cherish always.  Creating the design of each post gave him great pleasure as did tailoring his photographs to give you the best views.

I urge you all to take some time to review the posts on this website.  Custer Free Press  bears witness to so many local events and the people who made them happen.  All of our friends and neighbors are represented here.  Herb selflessly gave his time to document life in our area.  Enjoy the memories.  He wanted you to have them.

Through the years, Herb truly appreciated all the feedback (both positive and negative!) he received and the relationships he developed with the resources necessary to bring you the news.  He was a person of strong opinions and passions which sometimes clashed with those of others.  But he never shied away from controversy and was always true to his ideals.

Already he is greatly missed by those who loved him.

Thank you all for your loyal support.


Peg Ryan (Herb’s Wife of 35 years)

2 thoughts on “Final Post

  1. A truly gentle soul, artistic genius and friend. Antiques; bread; wood working; publishing; photography – always the best version of himself. My heart aches for you, Peg. Love you! Sarah Kopp


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