Drew Hanson of Hill City, SD at the American Legion Post #22 parking lot in Rapid City, SD Photo: Mark Mills

By Mark Mills

Custer City, SD, May 28, 2018– Early Memorial Day morning at a quiet parking lot in Rapid City, Drew
Hanson eagerly awaits his bus. Hanson, of Hill City, SD was selected by Hill City Post #160 and sponsored
by Custer Post #46 to participate in the American Legion’s South Dakota Boys State program. He and over
200 high school junior classmen from across the state will spend an intense week at Northern State
University in Aberdeen, SD learning about government in South Dakota. They will do so by creating a
fictitious 51st state and all its levels of government, run for those government offices, and then run that
government. This “learning by doing” is combined with athletic, musical, and patriotic activities
culminating in personal meetings with top South Dakota government officials and its federal
Congressional Delegation. Then Drew and his fellow Boys State citizens will return home, far better
prepared to be responsible United States citizens.

Sleepy and excited on Memorial Day morning, Drew and the boys on this and similar busses across South
Dakota are our investment in the future of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

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