MITCHELL, SD – The Dusty Johnson for Congress campaign announced today the launch of their Grassroots Captains program, whose members are affectionately known as “Deputy Dusty’s” for their role in helping Dusty take his message directly to South Dakotans. The Deputy Dusty’s are a corps of students and volunteers who are knocking doors, recruiting volunteers, coordinating community coffees and are revolutionizing grassroots outreach in South Dakota. In addition to their grassroots and voter contact duties, the team is included in weekly meetings with campaign leadership to make sure that the campaign, like Dusty Johnson, is in tune with South Dakotans.

“Cultivating future conservative leaders has always been a passion of mine,” said Dusty Johnson. “I have spent years introducing young South Dakotans to conservatism since my years as an advisor and camp leader for our state’s Teenage Republicans (TARs). The future of our state and nation depend on our ability to teach our children about the necessity of limited government, individual responsibility, and free markets. That’s why I’m proud to play a role in helping the Deputy Dusty’s develop their political identity as conservatives and take our message to their communities.”

“Unique to South Dakota, this program brings a new energy to campaigning,” said Audrey Cope (pictured) a student at Augustana University and a participant in the program. “This isn’t your typical political internship — we participate in weekly high-level meetings which set the direction of the campaign and have open communication with our candidate. In addition to getting hands on experience running a congressional race, we take Dusty’s positive message directly to the voters, where we often find we’re the only campaign in the state to take the time to have a personal conversation with them. I’m thrilled to be a Deputy Dusty and involved in an innovative, conservative campaign like Dusty Johnson for Congress.”

Dusty Johnson grew up in a working-class family in Central South Dakota and graduated from USD Vermillion. A former policy staff member for Governor Mike Rounds, Dusty learned early on he had a passion for public service. After serving on the Public Utilities Commission, Dusty became Governor Daugaard’s Chief of Staff and helped lead the state out of a $127 million deficit. Dusty currently works as Vice President at Vantage Point Solutions in Mitchell where he helps telecommunications companies deploy fiber and broadband into rural communities

For more information about Dusty Johnson, please visit our website:

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