Mt. Rushmore Wastewater Treatment System Team Receives Treatment Operation and Maintenance Award

KEYSTONE, SD – Mount Rushmore National Memorial wastewater treatment system team is the recipient of the 2017 Operation and Maintenance Wastewater Treatment Award presented by the South Dakota Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, DENR. 

The 2017 Operation and Maintenance Wastewater Treatment Award is for outstanding operation of the wastewater system and environmental compliance with its state surface water discharge permit during the year.  The award was presented during the 2018 South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association Wastewater Operations Seminar held April 11th and 12th at the Clubhouse Hotel & Suites in Pierre.

“Wastewater treatment is vitally important to our quality of life because it removes harmful pollutants that can spread disease and provides safe drinking water for use by all those downstream,” said DENR Secretary Steve Pirner.  “The winners of DENR’s Surface Water Discharge Permit Awards are to be thanked because they collect, treat, and maintain their wastewater treatment systems at the highest levels.”

Superintendent Cheryl Schreier noted, “We are pleased to have the outstanding work of our wastewater treatment crew recognized by the state.  Utility Team Members: Bruce McClure, Rod Hart, Courtney Leising, Clif Esper, Jim Strang, and Facilities Supervisor Doug Livermore consistently make the extra effort to ensure safe operation of the water and wastewater facilities while protecting our natural resources.”

Qualifications for the Operations and Maintenance Wastewater Treatment Award are based on a system’s compliance with state environmental requirements, the quality of the treated and discharged wastewater, monitoring reports, state inspections, and proper operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facility.

For additional park information, please visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial’s official website at

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