Custer School District is offering a free Developmental Screening for Preschool-age (ages 3-5) children in the Custer area.
Screening will be at the Custer Elementary School on Wed., January 24, 8 A.M., 9 A.M., 10 A.M. appointments only.
Call 673-2171 to schedule an appointment.

This screening provides information about the child’s development in the areas of motor coordination, communication, & cognitive thinking skills. The screening instrument shows how the child is developing compared to children all over the United States.  Vision and hearing is also checked.

“If your preschool child is between the age of 3 up to 5 years-old (and is NOT enrolled in Kindergarten), you may want to consider the CSD Developmental Screening. This is for parents who have concerns about their preschool-aged child, in any of the following developmental areas:  Communication, Motor, Concepts, Vision and/or Hearing.  Even if you don’t have any particular concerns, but just want to see how your child is doing overall and want ideas of where they might need to improve, it can be beneficial to set-up an appointment

For free developmental screenings for children under 3-years-old,
please contact Jennifer Scott 605.394.6089 x233.

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