Custer County South Dakota Commission Meeting Minutes Thursday December 28, 2017


Custer County Commission Meeting Minutes Thursday December 28, 2017

Members present:

Commissioners Travis Bies, Phil Lampert, Jesse Sorenson, Jim Lintz, Mark Hartman and Attorney Tracy Kelley

  1. Commission Meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Adopting of the agenda

Motion by Lampert and seconded by Lintz to approve the agenda with the deletion of Road Improvement project in Wind Cave under Highway and Request for release of lien under Executive Session.  Motion carried, unanimous.

  1. Consent Agenda

Motion by Lintz and seconded by Sorenson to approve the minutes of the December 13, 2017 commission meeting, the following vouchers and travel requests.  Motion carried, unanimous.

Travel requests approved:  Terri Cornelison to Annual Report Workshop in Mitchell, SD, cost of $26.00.

Vouchers approved as follows:

GENERAL FUND- NON-DEPARTMENTAL:  Pennington Co Title $90,206.70

COMMISSIONERS:  Pitney Bowes $2,073.83; SD Assn of County Officials $1,100.12; SD Assn of Co Commission $2,182; Verizon $82.18

COURT:  Beesley Law $514.20; O’Neil Law $699.66; Goff Law $1,014.20; Grey & Eisenbraun Law $1,035.90; Teresa Fink Reporter $447.20; George Cameron $147; Colbath Law $1,896.60; Connelly Law $663.40

AUDITORThomson Reuters $64.58; Tim Holland $83.82

TREASURERQuill $156.99; Tim Holland $139.70

STATE’S ATTORNEY:  Southern Hills Publishing $44.37; Wendy McGowan $207.50; Quill $388.90; Koeze Co. $245.69; Culligan $43.50; Thomson Reuters $64.58

COURTHOUSE BUILDING:  Servall Linen $55.52; McDonald Supply $34.52; Hillyard $64.63; Sams Club $121.59; BH Chemical $71.88; Cabelas $415.33

DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION:  CDW Government $11.49; Steinley Real Estate $570; SD Assn of Assessors $225; Sams Club $26.63; NetworkFleet $18.95

REGISTER OF DEEDS:  McLeod’s Printing $279.80; Kim Horkey $770; Quill $78.57


INFO TECHNOLOGY:  Golden West $3,995; Ricoh $1,280.72; Schneider Corp $6,850

HUMAN RESOURCES:  Office Depot $156.51; Verizon $16.44

SHERIFF:  Aflac $57.20; Black Hills Electric $55.85; Vanway Trophy $97.90; Sirchie Finger Print Supplies $455.36; Lynn Peavey Evidence Supplies $581.50; Action Target $105.98; Midway USA Ammo $1,258.18; NIC Sheriff Badge $107.21; NetworkFleet $170.55; Culligan $40; Nelson’s Oil & Gas $63.64; Lexis Nexis $85; CBH Cooperative $1,785.20; Battle Mtn Humane Society $800

CORONER:  Clinical Labs of the BH $56

PRISONER CARE:  Rapid City Regional Hospital $750.69; Correct RX Pharmacy $132.37; Custer Ambulance $273.72; City of Rapid City $105; Manlove Psychiatric Group $43.63; City/County Alcohol $226

AIRPORT: MG Oil $2,628.26

POOR/BURIAL:  McColley’s Chapel $2,000

MENTALLY ILL:  Audra Hill Consulting $405

MENTAL ILLNESS BOARD:  Yankton Co Treasurer $142.25

LIBRARY:  Amazon $1,394.13

EXTENSIONBrad Keizer $334.32; Quill $190.49; SDSU West River Ag Center $58.78

CONSERVATION:  Quill $111.68

WEED & PESTWeed & Pest Assn $300 

PLANNING:  Quill $57.74


COUNTY ROAD & BRIDGE:  Black Hills Electric $1,723.31; Black Hills Energy $119.49; Butler Machinery $108,277.44; Schott Schramm $69.89; D-Ware $2,750; Eddie’s Truck Sales $64,368.26; French Creek Loggers/NAPA $48.69; Fastenal $33.06; Grimms Pump $479.99; Arrowwood Resort $91.95; Kenny Brendel $13.09; Servall $98.17; Town of Buffalo Gap $54; Snap On Tools $26.50; Rockmount Research $828.87; West River International $75.23; Shopko $80.38; McKie Ford $161.31; David Minzel $500; Industrial Supply $21.26; Croell $517,719; Culligan $53; Century Link $14.02; Nelson’s Oil & Gas $571.90; MG Oil $20,199.71; SD State Treasurer $709.72; Great Western Tire $7,337.66; Trail King Industries $1,577.82; PowerPlan $134.67; Pacific Steel $7.87; CBH Cooperative $3,555.45; Whisler Bearing $44.60; Custer Industrial $10.36

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Blue Cell $200; Networkfleet $18.95

STATE GRANTS-GENERAL GOVERNMENT:  Hills Material $5,932.25; Kadrmas Lee & Jackson $10,872.47

24/7:  Quill $358.80

BUILDING: Custer Black Hills Electric $407.99; Black Hills Energy $6,001.97; Convergint Technologies $311.05; Menards $39.43

EMERGENCY LINE: Innovative Office Solutions $43.21; VDO Communications $39.90; Culligan $40; Century Link $532.64

LAW LIBRARY- NON-DEPARTMENTAL:  Thomson Reuters $64.58

  1. Conflict of Interest Declarations

None declared.

  1. Emergency Management
    1. Motion by Hartman and seconded by Lintz to authorize Mike Carter to sign on behalf of the first responders any documentation needed at the “Gathering” to be held in Belle Fourche.  Motion carried, unanimous.
  2. Highway Department
    1. Motion by Hartman and seconded by Lintz to approve the surplus of a 2009 CAT 140M Motor Grader.  Motion carried, unanimous.
    2. Motion by Lampert and seconded by Lintz to approve the bid and authorize the purchase of a 2005 Freightliner M2 106 Water Truck from Eddie’s Truck Sales at a cost of $64,250. Motion carried, unanimous.
  3. Planning Department
    1. Motion by Sorenson and seconded by Hartman to approve the wireless communication tower modification for Verizon located on 14363 Hasselstrom Place, SE4NE4 & S2, Section 8, Township 3 South, Range 8 West, Custer County, South Dakota.  Motion carried, unanimous.
  1. Airport
    1. Motion by Hartman and seconded by Sorenson to reimburse Michael & Sara Janson ½ of the $1,176 requested for a survey they had done upon furnishing the Planning Office with a copy of the bill and a copy of the survey.  Hartman – Aye, Sorenson – Aye, Lampert – Aye, Lintz – Nay and Bies – Nay.  Motion carried.
    2. Motion by Sorenson and seconded by Lintz to authorize Mark Stites to advertise for bids to replace the jet fuel system. Motion carried, unanimous.
  1. Sheriff’s Department
    1. Motion by Lintz and seconded by Lampert to approve the resignation of Deputy Tim Almy effective December 29, 2017. Motion carried, unanimous.
    2. Sheriff Marty Mechaley presented an updated on the surplus vehicles. Mechaley was advised to check with Search and Rescue to see if any of the vehicles could be used by that department.
    3. Motion by Lintz and seconded by Lampert to approve the promotion of Jeff McGraw from Sergeant to Lieutenant effective January 1, 2018. Motion carried, unanimous.
    4. Motion by Hartman and seconded by Sorenson to approve the contract with Wind Cave to provide dispatch service in the amount of $5,500. Motion carried, unanimous.
  1. Equalization
    1. Motion by Hartman and seconded by Sorenson to approve the request to remove the value of a structure due to loss during the Legion Lake fire.  Motion carried, unanimous.
    2. Motion by Lintz and seconded by Lampert to adjust the value of land impacted by the Legion Lake fire with a 20% reduction on the value of the acres of land affected by the fire for a period of 3 years, provided the property owner requests the reduction. Motion carried, unanimous.
    3. Request for comp time was moved to Executive Session.
  1. Auditor
    1. Motion by Lampert and seconded by Lintz to approve Resolution 2017-7 Supplemental Budget 2017. Motion carried, unanimous.

Whereas, The Board of County Commissioners propose a supplement to the General Fund Budget (101) in the amount of $92,217.85 as follows:  Treasurer Budget $30,403.60; Courthouse Building Budget $43,200.38; Info Technology Budget $909.55; Fair Budget $11,750.00; Search & Rescue Budget $232.29 and  Airport Budget $5,722.03.  Means of finance will come from the General Fund Unassigned Reserve.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved by the Board of County Commissioners to adopt the Supplemental Budget for 2017.

Dated this 28th day of December, 2017.

  1. Motion by Hartman and seconded by Sorenson to adopt the 2018 Office Calendar with commission meeting dates of January 10th and 25, February 7th and 21st, March 7th and 28th, April 11th and 25th, May 9th and 23rd, June 13th and 27th, July 11th and 25th, August 8th and 22nd, September 12th and 26th, October 10th and 24th, November 7th and 28th and December 12th and 27th. Motion carried, unanimous.
  2. Motion by Lintz and seconded by Lampert to approve the requests from the City of Hermosa and the City of Custer to conduct a combined election as provided under the provisions of SDCL 12-2-5. Motion carried, unanimous.
  1. Human Resource
    1. Motion by Lintz and seconded by Lampert to table the proposed 2018 employee wages until the January 10, 2018 commission meeting.  Motion carried, unanimous.
  1. Public Comment – none


  1. Commission
    1. Mail call – A Christmas card was received from the Pennington County ESCC; a letter was received from the Couch Ranch regarding the Section Line trail (266th) Project; and letter was received from the South Dakota State Historical Society approving the Wood House (Stabler House) 303 2nd Street, Buffalo Gap, South Dakota to the National Register of Historic Places.
    2. Meeting Schedule – STAR Academy auction will be held on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 11 a.m. in the Custer County Commission room of the Custer County Courthouse.
    3. Meeting Reports – Lintz attended a Weed & Pest Board meeting last week and all is well and Bies attended a Legion Lake Fire meeting in Hot Springs last week.


  1. Executive Session
    1. Motion by Lampert and seconded by Lintz to go into Executive Session pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(1).  Executive session began at 9:23 a.m. and concluded at 10:36 a.m.
    2. Motion by Lampert and seconded by Hartman to approve an indigent request. Motion carried, unanimous.
    3. Motion by Hartman and seconded by Lampert to approve a $5,000 donation to the Red Cross and the funds to come out of the Contigency Account #101-4-112-429.00. Motion carried, unanimous.
    4. Motion by Lampert and seconded by Lintz to untable and approve the 2018 Employee Wages:


Travis Bies, Commissioner $9,000 plus $1,200 for travel expenses; Phil Lampert, Commissioner $9,000 plus $1,200 for travel expenses; Jim Lintz, Commissioner $9,000 plus $1,200 for travel expenses; Mark Hartman, Commissioner $9,000 plus $1,200 for travel expenses; Jesse Sorenson, Commissioner $9,000 plus $1,200 for travel expenses.

Terri Cornelison, Auditor $45,900 plus $3,000 for Fire Advisory Board Administrative Assistant; Dawn McLaughlin, Treasurer $49,420.22; Tracy Kelley, States Attorney $59,040; Wendy McGowan, Deputy States Attorney $39,922.80; Troy Schmidt, IST/GIS $40,000; Robert Skinner, Maintenance Supervisor $40,800; Patty Caster, Director of Equalization $42,840; Teri L. Morgan, Register of Deeds $40,000; Jana Virtue, Veterans Services Officer $17.31 hourly; Tim Holland, Human Resources Officer $26,265; Marty Mechaley, Sheriff and Dispatch Supervisor $66,000; Doris Ann Mertz, Library Director $44,167.02; Rex Harris, Planning Director $48,852.90; Gary Woodford, Highway Superintendent $60,840.16; Mike Carter, Emergency Manager/Grant Coordinator $54,540.16.  For hourly employees annual wages – Christine Browning, Deputy Auditor II $13.23; Diane Ruggiero, Deputy Treasurer II $13.23; Joni Martinson, Deputy Treasurer II $13.23; Paula Arthur, Deputy Treasurer II $13.23; Monica DeNardis, Deputy Treasurer III $12.60; Ann White, GIS Technician $13.23; Lela Larson, States Attorney Office Manager $18.65; Cinda Jones, States Attorney Legal Assistant $14.93; Steve Schmidt, Maintenance $14.79; Jamie Walton, Maintenance $13.50; Karen Whitney, Department of Equalization Office Manager $19.38; Julie Jenniges, Appraiser $15.49; Amanda Pierce, Appraiser $14.93; Robyn VanDerSys, Deputy 1 Register of Deeds $13.23; Steve McMillin, Lieutenant $24.50; Jeffrey McGraw, Lieutenant $23.95; Derrick Reifenrath, Deputy Sheriff $21.45; Ross Norton, Deputy Sheriff $21.00; Heath Lowry, Deputy Sheriff $21.00; Matthew Tramp, Deputy Sheriff $20.50; Matthew Warren, Deputy Sheriff $20.50; Matthew Kunz, Tempory Part-Time Deputy Sheriff $20.50, Jonathan Moseley, Civil Deputy/Admin $16.28; Nicole Parker, Admin Assistant $15.23; Janice Carter, Part-Time 24/7 Attendant $14.18; William Schleining, Reserve Deputy $13.66; Mark Besser, Reserve Deputy $13.66; Ryan Mechaley, Reserve Deputy $13.66; Nick Novak, Reserve Deputy $13.66, Joshua Scheck, Reserve Deputy $13.66; Ned Westphal, Reserve Deputy $21.00; Joel Behlings, Dispatcher $22.25; Nancy Cates, Dispatcher $20.50; Michelle Boehrs, Dispatcher $16.71; Leslie Skinner, Dispatcher $16.18; Christopher Bennett, Dispatcher $16.18; Ellie Douglas, Dispatcher $16.18; James Laverick, Disptacher $15.67; Sherry Weber, Nurse Secretary $12.75; Mary Richards, Librarian $15.49; Janice Stalder, Librarian $16.28; Roberta Upton, Part-Time Librarian $14.96; Penny Kane, Part-Time Temp Librarian $12.24;Caleb Ross, Part-Time Temp Librarian $12.86; Eileen Wahlstrom, Part-Time Temp Librarian $12.86; Angela Keierleber, Extension/Conservation Secretary $13.14; Caley Buckert, Weed & Pest Coordinator $17.75; James Kor, Part-Time Planning Engineer $17.60, Kim Kerkvliet, Planning Administrative Assistant $12.75; Patrick Assmann, Highway Equipment Operator I $19.28; Kenny Brendel, Highway Equipment Operator II $17.75; Cathy Carter, Highway Officer Manager $16.81; Doug Christensen, Highway Equipment Operator I $19.28; Jesse Doyle, Highway Equipment Operator II $17.23; Craig Golder, Highway Equipment Operator II $17.23; Jon Jurrens, Highway Equipment Operator II $16.73; Paul Kock, Highway Equipment Operator II $17.23; Todd Leusink, Highway Equipment Operator I $18.26; David Minzel, Highway Mechanic $21.42; Scott Schramm, Highway Equipment Operator II $16.73; Allen Skrdlant, Equipment Operator II $18.26; Darcy Smith, Temporary Part-Time Operator/Sign Man $18.77; David Stanton, Highway Equipment Operator II $16.73; Kevin Treloar, Highway Equipment Operator II $19.28;

  1. Adjourn

Motion by Sorenson and seconded by Hartman to adjourn the meeting at 10:49 a.m.  The next meeting will be at 8 a.m. January 10, 2018, in the Commissioner’s Room in the Custer County Courthouse.



Travis Bies, Chairman


Terri Cornelison, Custer County Auditor

Published once at the total approximate cost of ______$0.00___________.


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