December 12, 2017

CUSTER STATE PARK – Legion Lake Fire activity has greatly increased due to high wind gusts, making it extremely difficult for firefighters on the ground. It is believed that this has taken place in the French Creek Natural Area with spotting up to one half mile east of the fire flank. Due to smoky conditions, firefighters remain challenged to know the exact location where the fire has spotted. Firefighters are currently on the ground assessing the situation and structure defense resources are on scene. Additional resources have been ordered to support fire suppression and structure defense.

Another spot fire was located east of French Creek Horse Camp on North Lame Johnny Road (CSP 4) by Cigarette Hill. Firefighters are actively working to construct a containment line around the fire perimeter.

The fire has moved east of the Wildlife Loop Road and out of the Custer State Park Boundary. Custer County Sheriff’s Office has expanded evacuations to Cobb, Downen, Dry Creek and LH Roads, and all areas south of Buffalo Gap, but not including Buffalo Gap residents. Everyone living near these areas should be prepared to leave upon notification.

Conditions are rapidly changing, so all residents should a plan of what they will bring with them upon brief notification. This may include items such as medications, family heirlooms, plans for animals, etc.

Please call Custer County Dispatch for evacuation information at 605-673-8176

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