New SDSU Release of Thompson HRW Wheat Helps Foundation Winter Wheat Sales Rebound from 2016 

By Jack Ingemansen, FSSD Manager
November 28, 2017

Thompson, a new SDSU release in 2017, was the top selling variety this fall. It has a good disease package with the best head scab tolerance of varieties currently grown. Thompson also has excellent straw strength. Oahe, a 2016 SDSU release was second followed by Redfield. The drought contributed to good sales with many Certified Seed fields abandoned. The high carryover from the record 2016 crop helped with the supply of Certified Seed with the lack of the 2017 production. Sales of Ideal, Expedition and Lyman were very low. Supplies of Foundation Lyman will no longer be available.

The South Dakota Wheat Commission was established pursuant to the enabling legislation known as the South Dakota Wheat Resources Act passed in 1961. The Act declared it to be the public policy of the state of South Dakota to protect and foster the health, prosperity and general welfare of its people by protecting and stabilizing the wheat industry and the economy of the areas producing wheat


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