A Smoke Complaint And Perceived Fire Safety

By Herb Ryan
August 13, 2017

I readily accept that fire and smoke are a reality in the Black Hills –however I do not accept unnecessary smoke blowing into my house from a fire that consist of wet pine bark and garbage. Most non brain surgeons understand that wet wood will smolder and smoke pretty bad. Dry wood .. obviously. burns clean, fast and will create smoke but not like wet wood. Yesterday, my neighbor was creating an unusual amount of “stinky” smoke. Went over and told them it was a nuisance and could they please wait until the stuff dried out a bit. Sorry about that, but we have a (blah blah blah) this week and have to clean up the mess. Today they started burning again, I made a phone call, the fire department showed up and told them they needed to get a permit but could continue to let the pile burn and smoke as long as they did not add anything to it today.
So apparently they will be able to continue to burn wet smokey wood in the future.

You may have noticed the clothesline in the background.. Me, I like fresh smelling clothes, not smoke scented. And you will notice the smoke is right on the other side of the fence, the burn pile is about ten feet from the house, kinda close. In the future if there is smoke coming from any place but the wood stove chimney, I’ll have to assume they are burning trash/wet wood again and deal with it.

We have several slash piles to burn this season, if they smoke, I guess there is nothing I can do about it. And yes, I will have a permit in hand.

I do consider these people a careless fire hazard and plan to take appropriate action to protect my property.

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