Turkey Buzzards – Noxious Weeds And Uber Birdie Photography


Custer, SD
May 30, 2017

All Images:
Herb Ryan/Herb Ryan Photography.

Local Turkey Buzzards enjoy a fresh road kill meal on Lower French Creek road in Custer. Photo: Herb Ryan/Herb Ryan Photography


This little uber birdie was on the ground when I approached on my property after the trip on French Creek. I was trying to get a good position to shoot some South Dakota “noxious weeds” when it popped out of the grass and started chewing me out. Was about six feet away shooting with a graduated filter on a 70-200, Canon 7D, MK ll. This bird did not leave so I’m guessing a nest somewhere ? Pretty sure I did not step on it because the flyout was in front of me. Photo: Herb Ryan/ Herb Ryan Photography.


We have five acres and these yellow flowers are tough as nails. They are a noxious weed, or so say the people in charge of weeds in South Dakota ? They add color to the property, the deer or turkeys refuse to eat them and we do not allow roundup on the property. Color in your life is good…Photo: Herb Ryan/Herb Ryan Photography


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