Custer Caregivers Alzheimer’s Support Group To Hold First Meeting May 9th

Photo: Melissa Platt

March 28, 2017

CUSTER, SD – Angie Kretschmer Muhm and Lynne Munger, both Custer residents are starting a support group for the caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. “We are trying to find those interested who would want to join us in supporting another during this difficult season of life” said Muhm. The plan is to start on Tuesday, May 9th, 6:30 at the senior center in Custer. Then every second Tuesday of the month after that. Respite care can be provided for your loved one during the meeting.

My father-in-law was my first exposure to a close relationship where Alzheimer’s was involved said Angie Kretschmer Muhm. “I had seen it briefly in loved ones of friends or acquaintances but never had first hand experience until my father-in-law was diagnosed with it about 17 years ago”. My mother-in-law cared for him in their home until it became impossible and the doctor admitted him to the nursing home. I was her support system during that time as we visited him and made care decisions for him the 6 or 7 years he was in nursing home care. He passed away last December.
About 3 or so years ago his sister, our aunt Shirley, became a widow and had been living with her sister and she asked my husband and I to help her with some financial decisions and also her medical care. It was during the process of taking her to medical appointments that I began to notice the memory issues. So I approached her about it and we took her to get diagnosed in april of 2015. (Her sister whom she had been living with was also diagnosed the same year). “Later that same year we moved her into our home so I could better care for her until it was necessary to put her in the nursing home in July of last year. There was a stark difference between being the supporter of a caregiver and being the caregiver myself. And that is what motivates me to reach out to others to help them during this most difficult time of life”.
Please contact us for further information or to confirm that you will attend the first meeting. Thank You
Angie Kretschmer Muhm – 605-440-0652
Lynne  Munger – 605-390-9557

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