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Langwater 2009 – Herb Ryan


By Herb Ryan

Having survived 75 years on the spaceship earth
I wonder what the next minute will bring
Or even if I will get the next minutes worth
That will shatter me or let my heart sing

The small pleasures are easy gifts to receive
To escape the weight of the shallow light
That now cause me to grieve
And accept the beginning of the long night

By Hank Fridell

Is leaving a lonely, empty journey
Or a transition to a place I know, a return
We may never know, it is what it is, there’s no need for worry
Each moment teaches what I need to learn

By Meg Schwartz

Do you think that the night signals the end?
But what if the darkness is hiding the light?
Bodies will die, but souls can mend.
A new reality is already in sight!

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