Tim R. Goodwin, Representative for District 30.

March 13, 2017

Greetings!  We all need to call Governor Daugaard at 605-773-3212 in regard to Spearfish Canyon, Bismark Lake and Camp Bob Marshall.  Why?  The governor didn’t ask the legislature for the $2.5 million to seal the land swap and has said he was getting the money from other sources! (I believe from the Game, Fish and Parks.)  Also, he has said that the opposition is softening.  Really?!  Wait until the next meeting, and he will get a reality check big time!!

The session is over, so each week I plan on breaking down bills that passed this session.  This Week SB35.  Due to lower than anticipated sales tax revenue, the 0.5 cent sales tax increase generated the revenue needed to raise teacher pay to $48,500.  If the legislature had left the original language from statue in SB-35, then the appropriations committee would have needed to cut $3,724,672 from the FY17 and $1,182,033 from the FY18 K-12 general education budget.

-Due to the removal of the language, the general education budget was held HARMLESS and on top of that, was given a 0.3% increase for FY18.

-Important to remember that the formula is driven by 3% or CPI, whichever is less and in turn raises teacher pay target.

-Also important to maintain base by keeping the state share at 60% and local share at 40%.  This ensures that education maintains the base funding the ¼ cent tax increase provided.

It’s a myth that taking the language out of the education formula will take money away from education.  Because of this, I voted yea on SB35.

Until next week, don’t forget to call the governor at 605-773-3212.

-Tim R. Goodwin, Representative for District 30, 605-390-5324

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