Tim Goodwin – A Freshman Reality – Week Six

By Tim R. Goodwin, Representative, District 30
February 21, 2017

Congratulations and a big thank you goes out to the grass roots efforts to halt the Spearfish Canyon and Custer County (Camp Bob Marshall, Bismark Lake) Land Swap!  My hats off to not only the great citizens of district 30, but also to our friends to the north in their mobilization to bring this proposal to a standstill!  The governor made the remark that he hadn’t heard any opposition to the land swap?!  Now in his defense, he keeps himself pretty insulated, and it seems has a staff that tells him only what he wants to hear, so I take the man at his word.  However, he’s heard all of us now, like we’d say in the Army, “Lima Charlie,” translated to Loud and Clear!

Before we pop the champagne cork, let’s see where we’re at; we have won the battle in putting this proposal on hold, but we have not won the war.  It could still appear in the waning hours of this session, or be top priority next session (next year), which is the governor’s last year in office.  Sen. Russell, Rep. Frye-Mueller and I will be vigilant in keeping a close eye on this outrageous proposal.

I had two bills defeated in committee (Not Happy!).  HB1151 had to do with unused Index Factor funds; basically stopping the county from utilizing any unused index factor funds from the previous three years, and then having the authority to give property owners up to a 10% tax increase.  My bill struck this provision, making the county opt out, or in layman’s terms, have a vote of the people before they can implement a property tax increase.  The bill was defeated in committee 12-2.

HB1131 had to do with a statute that was put in to pass the ½ cent tax that was passed last year for teachers’ pay increase and commercial tax relief.  The statute stated that for every $20 million in internet sales, the ½ cent sales tax would DECREASE 1/10th  of a percent, not to exceed ½ cent.  So in essence, giving us tax payers the ½ cent sales tax increase back to us, once internet sales his $100 million.  We would be back to 4% sales tax, not 4-1/2 like we now currently pay.  My bill started the meter, so that this would become  reality.  It was defeated in committee 9-5.  I plan to lobby HARD for both of these bills; to bring them back next year.

A hot topic in the news is a letter 12 of us legislators signed.  Rep. Frye-Mueller and I were 2 of the 12.  The letter asked Marty Jackley, Attorney General, to make a ruling on the constitutionality of vehicle bills.  These bills that have a vague title such as “for the betterment of South Dakota,” but the bill is blank, to be filled in later!  I’m not making this up!  The establishment legislators are more than upset, so it’s likely they are up to no good.  My beef with vehicle bills is that they bypass the committee process, where the public has an opportunity to be a proponent or opponent on every bill.

More to come, stay tuned….

Tim R. Goodwin, Representative, District 30

Tim.Goodwin@sdlegislature.gov or call 605-773-3821 or my cell 605-390-5324

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