Sooner or Later Everything Breaks Down

Herb Ryan
February 21, 2017

Just a note that I will finish up an antibiotic treatment Friday after a three-week bout with pneumonia and fibrosis complicated by worsening congestive heart failure. Much more complicated issues at work here but once again I need to reorganize my  priorities. Last summer, my lung condition worsened and the decision was made to sell all my welding equipment and tools. after a few weeks of boredom and frustration my best pal and wife Peg suggested I do something on the internet. Starting the Custer Free Press fit the bill and avoided a major depression. And so, after fourteen months of work, and once again declining health slows me down and wakes me up to my limits.

The plan was to set-up at the Custer Trade Show in March and see how I felt about everything. That will not happen because the antibiotics in my system wipe out all the good and bad stuff. Terrible immunity from anything. As it was, anytime I attended an event in a small venue, I would pick something up and spend two or three days feeling lousy. I have to be on oxygen pretty much most of the day now and that will not improve anything, just trying to stay even but always getting behind.

Not the only person in town on the countdown clock, and sure as hell do not feel sorry for myself. So maybe Custer Free Press will keep on trucking.  If it happens in the fresh air and It’s interesting count me in.

I will turn 75 the first week of March. Out of warranty but still have some miles left………

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