Mount Rushmore’s “Carver’s Cafe” Starts Transformation

January 26, 2017

Keystone, South Dakota On January 26 the Carvers Cafe at Mount Rushmore National Memorial will begin to transform.  Food service will move from the Carvers Cafe to the Memorial Ice Cream Shoppe next door offering breakfast, a variety of lunch or dinner options and of course Thomas Jefferson ice cream.  Operational hours will remain 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Upgrades will also occur in the gift shop with the shop remaining open throughout the remodel.   Xanterra, Mount Rushmore’s concession operator, is utilizing the winter season anticipating completion by the beginning of May resulting in the least impact on visitors during the remodel.

Coordinating the remodel with Xanterra are two Rapid City companies, R.C.S. Construction Inc and FourFront Design Inc.  Goals for the upgrade include a more efficient serving space, healthier food offerings, more locally sourced foods and an expanded Made in the USA section in the gift shop with additional local products.

“We are seeking a LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Buildings Operations and Maintenance: Existing Buildings certification by investing in energy efficiency and sustainability.  Our efforts will result in style and function, but will be energy friendly,” stated Xanterra General Manager Marty LaMontange.

“We are particularly excited about Xanterra’s environmental plan for the remodel,” noted Superintendent Cheryl Schreier.  “The Waste Reduction Plan targets a 50 percent or higher diversion rate from a landfill.”

Keep watch over the next few months as Xanterra at Mount Rushmore transforms their operations into a greener more sustainable environment.

For additional information about Xanterra at Mount Rushmore visit https://www.mtrushmorenational for park information, please visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial’s official website at or call (605) 574-2523.

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