Senate State Affairs Committee Advances HB 1069 to Repeal Initiated Measure 22

January 25, 2017

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement in response to the Republican majority’s continued use of extraordinary measures to advance HB 1069 and overturn the will of the voters:

“This morning, the Senate State Affairs Committee advanced HB 1069, a bill to repeal Initiated Measure 22 passed by voters in November. The political establishment has fast tracked this overturning of the will of voters, limiting time for public input by scheduling committee hearings and floor votes in a manner inconsistent with regular legislative procedure, ultimately permitting the bill to be to the Governor’s desk in less than a week after the bill was first presented to the public.”

“The Senate State Affairs Committee hearing on HB 1069 demonstrates the questionable tactics being used by the majority party to repeal the will of the people as quickly as possible. HB 1069 was placed on the committee agenda before it was eligible to be assigned to a committee according to the Senate Rules (Senate Rule 4-3). The Republican members of the committee acknowledged the hasty scheduling of the hearing is in conflict with regular legislative practices by voting to “consider matters not posted” to the committee agenda (Joint Rule 7-1.5).”

“Further, several members of the Senate State Affairs Committee are also party to the lawsuit against IM 22, meaning they would benefit financially if the law they are litigating is repealed. These Republican members repeatedly refused to recuse themselves from voting on the measure in spite of Joint Rule 1B-2, which forbids a legislator’s conflict of interest that “create[s] an improper personal benefit.”

“While Democrats are willing and eager to work across the aisle to improve IM 22 so that it works as the voters intended, we will fight against these extraordinary efforts to usurp the will of the voters through a rushed and questionable process.”

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