Democrats Respond to Governor’s State of the State Address

January 10, 2017

PIERRE – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement in response to today’s State of the State Address by Gov. Dennis Daugaard:

“Unlike today’s lackluster, complacent, and unfocused State of the State Address, Democrats will lead in this year’s Legislative Session by pursuing a pro-economic growth legislative agenda that is focused on making South Dakota work for all South Dakotans and making state government work for all people, not just the powerful and well-connected.

“Democrats understand South Dakota families are having to work harder and harder to make a living. Here are just a few of the ways in which the lack of leadership from Republicans in Pierre are allowing South Dakota to fall behind and state government isn’t working as it should:

Working families are having to work harder to make ends meet, and many are falling behind:

  • SD is top in the nation in multiple-jobholding rates, according to most recent estimates available – We’re at 8.7% and the national average is 4.9
  • We rank second in the nation in the percentage of our families where both spouses are in the workforce
  • We are 44th in the nation for median earnings for men and 46th for women
  • We have the 18th most people without health insurance – and 11th most children
  • We have the 4th most regressive tax system in the country

State government isn’t working as it should:

  • There’s a profound lack of accountability, and the state isn’t making the smart investments to support an innovative and dynamic economy
  • South Dakota is ranked 4th-worst in the nation in corruption, got an F in government corruption, and was called the “land of scandals” by one of the most respected government reporters in the state
  • SD was tied for the 5th least innovative state in the country by Bloomberg (with a score of 20 out of 100).
  • We’re only 33rd in the nation in the number of households with an internet subscription

“South Dakotans deserve real leadership and Democrats will do everything we can to provide it. We invite the Governor and Republicans in Pierre to join our legislators in improving the lives of South Dakota families.”

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