All Custer and Custer County Democrats are Invited to a 2017 Planning Session



CUSTER, SD – Next Tuesday, January 3, the Custer County Democrats will be hold their first meeting of 2017 at the VFW in Custer at 7:00 PM. Plan on coming before the meeting to enjoy Mexican food in the VFW basement from Maria’s Mexican Food.
This is an important meeting as we want to make plans for this year and next.  We need your input and your help to carry out the plans we hope to achieve. Come and be a part of our positive movement to keep democracy alive and well in Custer County!

Mary Boots
Chairman, CCD

Custer County Democrats of South Dakota

Mission:  “Our mission is to build and promote a democratic community in Custer County South Dakota that is peaceful, sustainable, and just.”

Core Values:  “Honesty in statements and publications about all political parties and their beliefs; equality in regard to human rights and the development of policies which affect all citizens; a positive attitude in all political activities; consistency and continuity of purpose in all party activities; clearly demonstrated cooperation within the political arena; and compassion for citizens in need.”


January 3, 2017

7:00 PM  VFW Custer, SD

Meeting of Custer County Democratic Party


  • Approval of agenda m/              2nd/
  • Minutes of last meeting October 2016   (corrections/additions  m    2nd)  or approved as read/filed
  • Appoint a person to take minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report —-Ina
    • Bills to submit?
    • Donation to VFW for meeting place
    • Pass the hat at every meeting and coffee to increase coffers
  • Vice Chair Report –Hank Whitney has stepped up to fill this position until elections this spring
  • Chair Report –Mary –to include correspondence and items of general welfare and concern for the CCDP
  • Women’s March Washington/Denver/Rapid City  January 21, 2017
  • SDDP Listening tour in Rapid City January
  • Meeting dates for 2017 monthly or every other month?   It is the recommendation of the chair that we continue to meet monthly in order to carry out a Plan of Action.


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