Custer Free Press Celebrates Successful One Year Online Presence

Custer, SD – Custer Free started publishing news online December 11, 2015 among the first articles: NASA Astronaut Kelly Lindgren Safely Returns to Earth. Since then we have published 1,027 articles. Today Sunday, December 11, 2016, Custer Free stats from December 11, 2015 – December 11, 2016 show 57,390 views averaging 2 1/2 pages per visit, with a total of 25,027 unique visitors. This does not include total Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google plus stats, or people who have bookmarked the site.These are actual counts for one year, not cumulative counts over several years.
Counts are important to advertisers and Custer Free As a result of these positive counts, Custer Free has been funded through January 2018.

Having owned an Auction Company and Antique Business among other ventures, the reality of success always presents itself in simple terms. Do people need your service, will they be repeat customers and will they tell others about your service. Having seen the one year results, for Custer Free it’s yes to all of the above.

A planned aggressive marketing schedule starting in February 2017 targeting the tourist trade will increase our visibility on-line resulting in a substantial increase in site viewership and advertiser exposure.

Custer Free is a non-subscription Local, National, International news site with verifiable news. All press releases are published with minimal edits and run full length with occasional additional comment by the editor of Custer Free

Thank You For Your Continued Support
Herb Ryan
Custer Free

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