Custer County Sheriff’s Office Crime Log – Sunday November 13 to Saturday November 19, 2016

Deputy Heath Lowry
Custer County Sheriff’s Office
Sunday November 13 to Saturday November 19, 2016


Over the past several days the sheriff’s office has received several calls of a new scam that has been passing through the area.  Suspects are calling people and telling them they have issues a bad check to a local business.  They threaten them with arrest if they don’t provide credit card information to resolve the back check.  The callers are from out of state or out of the country and are trying to steal using this scam.

NEVER give personal information or credit card information to anyone over the phone who you don’t know or have a standing business relationship in place.

Call of the Week:

On November 17, a driver was going to fast on icy roads and a crash was reported at the intersection of North 5th and north 3rd Streets in Custer.  A crash report was filed and this incident was weather related. (I guess they didn’t read the local newspaper for the winter driving tips!)

Sunday November 13

Deputies checked on the report of a reckless driver coming into Custer. The deputy found the vehicle and could not identify any issues with the driver.

Monday November 14

A death was investigated in the Buffalo Gap area.

Deputies responded to the 600 block of Harney Street for the report of an unwanted guest. The suspect was gone before the deputy arrived.

The report of a mail theft was filed in the Box Canyon area.

A check the welfare was completed on Hazelrodt Cutoff.  The subject was fine.

A false alarm was reported on Playhouse Road.  It was set off accidently sent off by the homeowner.

A possible mail theft was reported on Hard Scratch Lane.  There are no suspects.

Based on an ongoing problem of a child playing in traffic, a social services referral was conducted on Bavarian Hills Drive.  Assistance is being put into place to help the family through their issues.

A 52 year old male was arrested in a trailer court east of Custer because of warrants for his arrest.  He was booked into the Fall River County Jail without incident.

Tuesday November 15

Deputies attempted a welfare check on Mill Pond Estates.  They were unable to locate anybody needing assistance.

A dead turkey was removed from Highway 385 south of Custer.  It was too soon for Thanksgiving dinner.

The investigation into harassing text messages was opened and is continuing.

Wednesday November 16

A possible burglary and protection order violation is under investigation on Windsong Valley Road. A request for criminal charges has been forwarded to the states attorney’s office regarding a 52 year old male.

Thursday November 17

Related to the recent snow storm a large semi lost traction on the hill leading northbound out of Custer.  Some sand was tossed onto the road and the truck made it up the hill and out of Custer.

Another car slid into the ditch on Leisinger Lane and north 5th street in Custer.  Also weather related.

An unknown suspect crashed into a mailbox on Elk Valley Road and left the scene.

Another vehicle slid off the icy road on Lower French Creek Road.  He was able to self rescue but bald tires might have played a factor.

A possible burglary was reported on Harney Street.  After a close examination of the fresh snow on the back deck where the screen fell off of the door, it was pretty clear wind was the suspect.  The suspect managed to slip through my net.

Friday November 18

There was nothing significant to report.

Saturday November 19

Assistance was provided to a man who owed money to the courts in Fall River County.  He was encouraged to avoid trying to conduct business when he was intoxicated.

A 911 caller reported a possible drunk driver on Highway 16/385 north of Custer.  The vehicle was stopped on Montgomery Street.  The subject was issued a warning for unsafe driving and released. He had not been drinking.

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