South Dakota Politics

South Dakota Democratic Legislative Leaders Selected

SIOUX FALLS, SD – At meetings of the Democratic Caucuses of the South Dakota State House and Senate, Democratic legislators selected their caucus leaders for the upcoming Legislative Session. The names of the leaders and their hometowns are as follows: 


Democratic Leader – Billie Sutton, Burke
Assistant Democratic Leader – Troy Heinert, Mission
Whip – Jason Frerichs, Wilmot


Democratic Leader – Spence Hawley, Brookings
Assistant Democratic Leader – Julie Bartling, Gregory
Whip – Karen Soli, Sioux Falls
Whip – Susan Wismer, Britton

“It’s an honor to be chosen by my colleagues to continue leading the House Democratic Caucus,” said Rep. Spence Hawley. “Though we are in the minority, we can still get things done for the people of South Dakota if we work together, stand on our principles when necessary, and also aren’t afraid to reach out to our colleagues across the aisle as we did on the vote to increase education funding last session. I can say on behalf the Caucus that Democrats intend to continue following that model the next two years.”

“I appreciate the trust my fellow senators placed in me by re-electing me as their leader,” said Sen. Billie Sutton. “Senate Democrats will work hard, work smart, and work together with any willing partner to improve the lives of South Dakota families. On issues like criminal justice reform and infrastructure and education funding, Democrats were proud to work with the Governor and our Republican colleagues to move South Dakota forward. But when necessary, as in demanding more honesty and accountability in state government, Democrats will stand our ground and call on Republicans to do better for the people of South Dakota.” 

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