South Dakota Politics

South Dakota Democratic Party Comments On Noem’s Decision to Run For Governor in 2018

November 14, 2016

SIOUX FALLS – The South Dakota Democratic Party issued the following statement today in response to Rep. Kristi Noem’s announcement that she is running for Governor in 2018:

“Today’s announcement is further evidence that Kristi Noem’s political career is more important to her than serving the people of South Dakota.noemopti Six days after being re-elected to Congress, she announced her intentions to run for another office. South Dakota only has one representative in the U.S. House, but rather than representing South Dakota the next two years Rep. Noem will be running for governor.

“During the next two years, Democrats will hold Rep. Noem accountable for her lack of commitment to the position the people of South Dakota entrusted to her, as well as her unreasonable and out-of-touch record the days she actually showed up to work in Congress – including voting to shut down the government while South Dakota ranchers suffered the effects of a terrible blizzard, voting against the reauthorization of the Violence against Women Act, and voting for the Ryan budget, which included turning Medicare into a voucher program.”

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