Custer County Sheriff’s Office Crime Log Sunday October 23 to Saturday October 29, 2016

Deputy Heath Lowry
Custer County Sheriff’s Office
Sunday October 23 to Saturday October 29, 2016

Medical calls for the week: 12

Call of the Week:  On Monday October 25 deputies responded to the intersection of Montgomery and 9th Street in Custer for a disturbance in progress.  Upon arrival 2 males were observed arguing.  When records were checked a 24 year old male was arrested for a warrant out of Pennington County.  A 31 year old male was also arrested for a probation violation.  His breath tested positive at nearly 3 times the legal limit and he was prohibited from drinking.  Both were booked into the Pennington County Jail without incident. Stupid is as stupid does. I continue to wonder if they will ever learn.

Sunday October 23

Deputies responded to Hill City to assist units from the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office on a fight in progress.  The matter was resolved and the deputy returned to Custer County.

A female from Pennington County was conducting tests on 24/7 when she tested positive for alcohol.  She was transported to the Hill City substation where Pennington County took custody of the subject.

Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in the Box Canyon area near Hermosa.  A 38 year old male was asked by others to leave the property.  No charges were appropriate and a report was filed.

Monday October 24

A business alarm was accidentally tripped in the 1000 block of Mount Rushmore Road.  There were no issues found when the deputy arrived.

An unknown suspect(s) broke out several windows out of the old Custer Elementary School.  A report was filed.

An injured deer was euthanized at a business on Sylvan Lake Road just south of Highway 16A.

A trespassing issue was resolved in the Custer Highlands area when a mobile home was moved off of the complainant’s property after it was illegally parked there.

Tuesday October 25

An alarm was reported at a down town Custer credit union.  The building was secure when the deputies arrived.  The cause of the alarm is unknown and a report was filed.

An unknown suspect(s) damaged a fence and gate on Shirt Tail Canyon Road. The suspect vehicle is believed to be a Ford F150 Pickup.  The investigation is ongoing.

A dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend was reported on Shamrock Road.  The female decided to leave for the day to help resolve the matter.

Wednesday October 26

Round 2: Deputies returned to the renewed dispute on Shamrock Road.  The parties exchanged some property and the relationship was terminated.

An alarm was accidentally tripped at a business in the 700 block of Mount Rushmore Road.  Deputies responded to the business and everything was ok.

Round 3 on Shamrock Road:  The male party in the ongoing dispute reported a rifle with scope was reported stolen from the house.  A report was filed and the investigation continues.

A disturbance was reported on 5th Street in Custer.  The parties separated and the issue was resolved for the day.

Thursday October 27

A possible fraud case was opened on Darcy Lane in Custer.  The investigation is ongoing.

A possible poaching was reported on Highway 385 near Mayo Road.  The investigation revealed it was not a poaching but the lawful taking of 2 deer by 2 youth hunters. They were accompanied by their grandfathers.  Now that is quality time.

Friday October 28

“Loud teenagers” were reported on the playground of a Custer school.  When the deputy arrived the teens were gone.

Saturday October 29

Shortly before 3:00 AM a disturbance was reported at a local motel.  The 64 year old female was having a mental crisis.  She had sprayed pepper spray all over the room and done major damage to the inside of the motel room.  After several minutes she was able to be taken into custody.  She was booked into the Pennington County Jail without incident.

A 19 year old female failed to show up for her 24/7 testing.  On the following Monday she was taken into custody and booked into jail.

A deer was euthanized in the back yard of a residence on 6th Street in Custer.

A suspicious vehicle was reported on south Highway 385.  The suspect vehicle was not located.

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