South Dakota

Boxelder Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center Crew Heads South to Fight Fire


Nemo, SD – A crew comprised of both Forest Service and Job Corps firefighters from the Boxelder Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center (BJCCCC) near Nemo, SD and the Trapper Creek Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center from Darby, MT have been assigned to the southeast U.S. to assist with wildland fire initial attack.

A ten person hand crew (5 from BJCCCC, 5 from Trapper Creek JC) will depart on Friday, November 4, 2016 to Region 8 (one of nine geographical regions within the Forest Service) that encompasses 13 states from Virginia to Florida and Oklahoma.

“Due to dry conditions and high temperatures, we are heading to Kentucky, but we could end up anywhere within Region 8,” said Robert Cota, BJCCCC Crew 15 Fire Program Manager, Black Hills National Forest.

Since 2013, the Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management program, BJCCCC and Black Hills National Forest have been recruiting and training Job Corps students as firefighters.

The intent of the program is to train entry-level firefighters, provide them with education and paid work experiences.

Participants in the program must meet all wildland firefighter requirements by completing trainings and passing an arduous pack test which is comprised of a 3 mile walk in 45 minutes while carrying a 45 pound pack. Upon completion of the program, students will become a federally certified firefighter type 2 and are eligible for permanent seasonal appointments and/or the Wildland Fire Apprentice Program, an accredited education program designed to enhance and develop future fire and aviation managers.

The Boxelder Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center is operated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and is part of the nationally-funded Department of Labor scholarship program for youth ages 16 – 24.  The center’s goal is to teach eligible young people job skills and help place them in related jobs and/or help further their education. 

For more information on the Black Hills National Forest, visit

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