Seniors Foil Sinister Clown Candy Conspiracy in Custer

By Herb Ryan
October 31,2016

Custer, SD – Some people will use any excuse to get all dressed up for an exercise class and this group of citizens took full advantage of that today. While this may appear to be a harmless group who just want to have fun and eat as much candy as the waist will allow, the unspeakable was uncovered. “PeeWee”, the evil eyed dog has an unusual talent, the ability to sniff out candy, mostly chocolate, sealed in paper. And “PeeWee” knows people should not eat anymore candy at one sitting that can be held in a wine bottle paper bag. The “Wild Child” holding “PeeWee” and the “Sinister Clown” were overheard in a conversation earlier in the morning saying, ” If we get out before the kid’s tonight,” PeeWee” will sniff out the best chocolate from the downtown merchants and we can load up on candy and disappear before anyone knows what’s happening.

The remainder of the group  on hearing this dastardly plan, admonished the pair of miscreants and insisted they be allowed to collect candy only after all the kiddies and not quite kiddies filled their bags to the brim with tooth decaying morsels of delight.



The early morning exercise class at the Custer Senior Center Monday morning October 31, 2016 doing the Halloween thang. (L-R sort of.) In Front, Rachel Nepper, “PeeWee” the dog, Peggy Williams, Back Row, Rowena Richardson, Caroline Medina, Susan Duncan, Diana Girard, Ed Sedlezky, Pattie Lee, Phyllis Stotz, Helen Carney, Betty Lou Kessler. Photo: Herb Ryan/Custer Free Press



Pre-Candy Conspiracy Mug Shot (L-R) “PeeWee” the candy sniffing dog, AKA “PeeWee” the candy sniffing dog. “Wild Child” AKA Rachel Nepper and “The Sinister Clown Candy Caper Conspiracy Mastermind” AKA Patti Lee. Photo: Herb Ryan/Custer Free Press


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