Custer County Sheriff’s Office Crime Log – Sunday October 16 to Saturday October 22, 2016

Deputy Heath Lowry
Custer County Sheriff’s Office
Sunday October 16 to Saturday October 22, 2016

Medical calls for the week: 7

Call of the Week:

Shortly after midnight on October 22 a 30 year old male was arrested for suspicion of DUI.  This was his third DUI arrest.  He was booked into the Pennington County Jail on a Class 6 felony.  Somebody is not following the rules.

Sunday October 16

Deputies checked downtown Custer for a disoriented male.  They were not able to locate the person.

On Sunday October 16 at about 9:00 AM an 83 year old male from Hot Springs was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI.  He was on multiple medications and drinking alcohol.

Monday October 17

An investigation into a 43 year old male who has failed to register as a sex offender was referred to the states attorney’s office requesting a review for criminal charges.

The investigation of a female juvenile who is in violation of her probation was initiated on Grey Rocks Road.  The situation is ongoing.

A citizen reported the driver of a vehicle that was southbound on Highway 16/385 threw a cigarette out of the car.  The driver was contacted and warned about the illegal disposal of burning materials and the associated hazards.

A 27 year old male surrendered to the sheriff’s office due to a warrant for his arrest for an assault case.  The suspect posted bond and was released.

Tuesday October 18

The sheriff assisted the Custer County Veterans specialist checking the welfare on an 89 year old vet on Old Sawmill Road.  He was fine and no issues were reported.

A burglary report was filed from a downtown Custer Business.  The investigation is ongoing.

A suspicious vehicle was reported on Ghost Canyon Road.  The deputy could not locate the suspect vehicle.

Suspicious activities were reported on Pine Street.  Extra patrols were requested and provided.

The report of a domestic assault is under investigation.  The case involved 2 foreign workers who reside near Legion Lake.  The case is being reviewed for possible charges.

Wednesday October 19

An alarm was reported at a business in the 200 block of Mount Rushmore Road in downtown Custer.  The building was secure when the deputy arrived and a report was filed.

A separate alarm was received from the 1000 block of Mount Rushmore.  This time an open door was found and the business was checked.  A key holder responded and secured the building.

A 29 year old male failed to show up for 24/7 testing.  A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Thursday October 20

A 19 year old male turned himself into the sheriff’s office because of a warrant for his arrest.  He was unable to post bond and was booked into jail.

A citizen reported a possible theft by a contractor on Darcy Drive.  The contactor was pre-paid a large sum of money and has not finished the job.

Friday October 21

Deputies responded to the 700 block of Harney Street for the report of trapped turkeys.  The deputy was able to release the turkeys without incident.

For the 3rd time in 2 weeks a small child was found walking near Highway 16 near Bavarian Hills Drive. The exploratory child was returned to his mother…again.

A juvenile delinquency case was reported in the 800 block of Mount Rushmore Road.  The case is being reviewed by the states attorney.

A separate juvenile delinquent removed her ankle monitor and fled from custody.  She was located a few hours later and is in custody.

Saturday October 22

A complainant reported hearing multiple gun shots shortly after midnight on Spring Place east of Custer.  Deputies checked the area and could not locate a problem.

A civil complaint was filed because a person is refusing to return an ATV that was loaned to them.  The deputy made contact with the person in possession of the ATV and was assured it would be returned promptly.

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