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SDDP Chair Ann Tornberg Encourages South Dakotans to Register to Vote

With one week to go before the October 24 deadline to register to vote in South Dakota, South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg released the following statement to encourage South Dakotans to register before the deadline:

“This election is too important to sit out – be sure you are registered to vote! You have one week until the voter registration deadline, so if you recently moved or just turned 18, you have one week to make sure your voice can be heard this election. If you go to your county courthouse to register this week, you also have the opportunity to vote right after you register. The choices we make this election will have a profound impact on the future of our country and state, so I urge all South Dakotans who are legally able to register and vote today.”

The voter registration deadline in South Dakota is October 24. Voters can check their registration and see a sample ballot here, find out more about voter registration here, and request an absentee ballot here. A list of in-person absentee ballot locations can be found here.


South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg.

Paid for by the South Dakota Democratic Party. ( Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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