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Senator John Thune Called Out For Poor Judgment and Lack of Leadership By U.S. Senate Candidate



Thune’s Poor Judgment and Lack of Leadership

Yankton, SD
October 10, 2016

Jay Williams, South Dakota’s Democratic U.S. Senate candidate commented on Senator John Thune’s call for Donald Trump to withdraw as a candidate for President.

In a statement Mr. Williams said: 

“I have asked John Thune repeatedly throughout my campaign for U.S. Senate to rescind his endorsement of Donald Trump for President. Mr. Thune certainly has been aware of Trump’s hateful and divisive language against Mexican immigrants, his insults to a Gold Star Mother, his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, his admiration for dictators like Putin, his mocking gestures of a man with a disability, his racist remarks of a judge with Mexican heritage, his verbal sexual attacks of a female news anchor, and his demeaning insults to a former Miss Universe, to name only a few examples of Mr. Trump’s odious behaviors. Certainly Mr. Thune was aware of the baseless and racist birther conspiracy that Mr. Trump had nurtured to undermine President Obama’s presidency since 2008.

“Finally, with fewer than thirty days before the upcoming election, John Thune has asked Donald Trump to withdraw as the Republican candidate for President, following the publicity of Trump’s admittance of sexually predatory behavior. Since the early days of my campaign for U.S. Senate I have publicly asked Thune to reject Donald Trump, and until recently, he has steadfastly supported him. This exemplifies John Thune’s poor judgment of character, and a lack of leadership to do what he should have known is best for our country. 

“Now that Mr. Thune has asked Trump to withdraw, he should exercise his party leadership here in South Dakota, and not only publicly announce that he will not vote for Mr. Trump if Trump does not withdraw his candidacy, but urge all South Dakota voters to do the same. Mr. Thune’s withdrawal of support will be completed when he says, ‘I will not vote for Trump and neither should you.’ “

Jay Williams is a former U.S. Navy Pilot and Yankton businessman who announced his candidacy to challenge Senator Thune for his US Senate seat in this fall’s election. Questions may be directed to his campaign press email:

Paid for by Jay Williams for Senate

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