Update on Downtown Custer Paving Project September 22, 2016

Update on Downtown Custer Paving Project
September 22, 2016

 The contractor will NOT be closing parking on the south or the north side of the street Friday in downtown Custer. They will be paving the outside lanes on the west side of town Friday weather permitting.
The paving of the parking spots needed to be postponed because of the manhole adjustments that are yet to be completed in the center lanes.  During this paving, traffic would be moved over to at least one of the center lanes to maintain two-way traffic through town. This cannot be accomplished until the manholes have been adjusted and backfilled, flush with the road surface, eliminating the voids that currently surround the manholes.
When this is complete the contractor will close one side of Mt. Rushmore Road, pave the parking spots and the driving (outside) lane in downtown Custer and have it opened for the next day. The same procedure will be used for the opposite side. This allows the impact to parking to be minimized to one day.
 The contractor is scheduled to provide an updated schedule on Friday that will outline when the parking will be blocked on the north and the south side Mt.Washington Road in downtown Custer.

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