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Williams Calls on U.S. Senator John Thune to Exercise Oversight of South Dakota Programs

Yankton, SD – Jay Williams, South Dakota’s Democratic U.S. Senate candidate called on Senator John Thune to exercise the same diligence he uses concerning Commerce Department office renovations in overseeing federal programs in South Dakota. In an article in Roll Call it is reported that Senator Thune intends to attach language to a bill designed to promote foreign investment that would direct the Commerce Secretary to report on office renovations done at public expense to the office of a Commerce Department undersecretary. Williams calls on Thune to exercise the same diligence in the funds that are used for projects in South Dakota. The EB5 program that was designed to promote foreign investment was mishandled in South Dakota with at least one state indictment occurring and one death tied to the program. Additionally, federal GEAR UP funds appear to have been mishandled in South Dakota with funds being used inappropriately and the tragic deaths of an entire family related to the program. Where was Senator Thune’s oversight of these programs? It appears Senator Thune concentrates on oversight of Democratic Administration officials and has little time to pay attention to the federal funds that have been misused in South Dakota.

In a statement Mr. Williams said: 

“Senator Thune is carefully scrutinizing a $50,000 office renovation in Washington, but he has had little if anything to say about the over $1 million in GEAR UP funds that appear to have been misused or the funneling of EB5 federal funds to a private corporation set up by a State employee who was managing these funds. Is Senator Thune only interested in oversight of Democratic Administration officials? Isn’t it his job to ensure federal funds spent in South Dakota are used appropriately? The voters of South Dakota need to know that their elected federal representatives are not just partisan operatives, but rather public servants who scrupulously watch all federal funds, especially those directly relating to our State. “


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