South Dakota

Hawks Accepts Tribal Debate Invitation

September 21, 2016

Sioux Falls, SD – U.S. House candidate Paula Hawks has accepted an invitation from Native Sun News to a debate centered on issues important to Native American communities.

“I am honored and excited to accept an invitation to debate from Native Sun News. The substandard care at IHS, the Dakota Access pipeline, meth and opioid abuse, underfunded education and law enforcement — there are a host of issues important to Native American communities which are often ignored. To get a sense of the magnitude of these problems, you have to be in these communities on the ground and speak with the people directly affected. That’s why it is so critical Kristi Noem agrees to this debate so we can both articulate our vision for tribal communities and our plans to address the significant issues that hold these communities back,” Hawks said.

Hawks initially accepted the invitation to debate when posed with the question from Native Sun News Editor Richie Richards at the Black Hills Forum and Press Club last Friday, September 16th. Hawks said, “Hell yes! Of course, I would be willing to do that. You name the time and place and I will be there.”

As of this release, Noem has not responded.

Paid for Hawks for U.S. House
Hawks for U.S. House
PO Box 2848
Sioux Falls SD 57101 United States

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