“Book Chat” Facilitated by Amy Kirk at The Custer County Library Thursday September 22, 2016

The word book comes from Old English “bōc”, which in turn comes from the Germanic root “*bōk-“, cognate to “beech”.Similarly, in Slavic languages (for example, Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian) “буква” (bukva—”letter”) is cognate with “beech”. In Russian and in Serbian and Macedonian, the word “букварь” (bukvar’) or “буквар” (bukvar) refers specifically to a primary school textbook that helps young children master the techniques of reading and writing. It is thus conjectured that the earliest Indo-European writings may have been carved on beech wood. Similarly, the Latin word codex, meaning a book in the modern sense (bound and with separate leaves), originally meant “block of wood”. (WiKi)

While Amy Kirk is not suggesting you bring a “block of wood” to the Book Chat, she did say, “this book chat is for readers who are interested in future book ideas or would like to share what they are currently reading”. There will be coffee and “goodies” available. Mary Richards assistant librarian said ” you can enter the library by using the regular entrance where the book drop is, even though the construction barricades are still up in the parking lot there is ample parking for all”.

Custer County Library
447 Crook Street
Custer, SD 57730





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