Custer County Library Wall Rammed By Senior Citizen Monday Afternoon

By Herb Ryan

Custer, SD – Early Monday afternoon August 30, 2016 a 83 year old woman rammed the west end of the Custer County Library after mistaking the gas pedal for the brake pedal while attempting to park at the library. The driver, a Custer resident was reported to be shaken but unharmed while her vehicle sustained front end damage.

Because of significant damage to the library wall and possible damage to some roof joist, the library will remain closed until further notice.
Assistant Librarian Mary Richards said ” I was working at the front checkout desk when I heard this loud explosion, time seemed to go into slow motion as I watched dust pour down from the ceiling. The back wall exploded in a cascade with bricks, cinder blocks more dust and  wallboard bulging out into a reading area” I asked  assistant librarian Janice Stadler to call 911 while I ran out to see what happened. A still visibly shaken Mary Richards Tuesday afternoon said ” living in Lead 34 years ago, an earthquake struck town with a terrible thundering boom, the effect of the wall being hit by a car yesterday was much louder ”

Custer County Librarian Doris Ann Mertz said ” As long as the library is closed, late fees will not be applied to videos, books or music.
Options are being considered for a temporary drop off station, but until the building damage assessment is complete, we have no idea when the library will re-open.”

Info: Custer County Library Facebook Page


Custer County Library, Tuesday August 31, 2016. A Bobcat is used to support the west wall of the library until repairs are made.Photo/Herb Ryan/Custer Free Press


The vehicle involved in the Custer County Library accident Monday August 30, 2016. (submitted photo)


Interior west wall of the Custer County Library shows impact on bookcases and table after a car struck the wall Monday August 30, 2016. (submitted photo)


Custer County Librarian Doris Ann Mertz moves books in preparation for repairs on the west wall that was damaged by a car crash August 30, 2016. Photo:Herb Ryan/Custer Free Press – Taken August 31, 2016


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