Regional Pack Mule String and Wilderness Rangers to Demonstrate Backcountry Traditional Tool Use

Custer, S.D. — As part of the Custer State park Monday night speaker series, Black Hills National Forest wilderness rangers and the Forest Service Rocky Mountain Specialty Pack String will be presenting on backcountry traditional tool use for trail maintenance on Monday, August 29 at 7:00 p.m. at the Custer State Park Tatanka Theater. The theater is located at the Game Lodge Campground.  No reservations are required for this free presentation; however a Custer State Park entrance license is required.

The pack string, based out of AG Ranch in Shawnee, Colorado, supports a wide variety of projects on national forests, including hauling materials and gear to support Forest Service and volunteer trail crews, assisting in building bridges and other structures, packing sand or gravel for trail maintenance and reconstruction, loading timbers and hauling trash out of backcountry areas.

The Black Hills National Forest has been working with the regional pack string for several years. “The pack string is an invaluable resource for working in backcountry areas, especially the Black Elk Wilderness area which is closed to motorized equipment,” said Dave Pickford, recreational specialist on the Hell Canyon Ranger District.

The pack string and rangers will discuss and answer questions on the tools and maintenance they use to accomplish their many projects in these remote areas.

For more information on the Black Hills National Forest, visit, 

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