Williams says EB-5 Problems Resulted From “Culture of Corruption”

Yankton, SD
– Jay Williams, South Dakota’s Democratic U.S. Senate candidate believes the federal government is correct in ending the EB-5 program in South Dakota. It has been reported that the State of South Dakota is trying to overturn the federal government’s decision to terminate the EB-5 program in South Dakota by claiming the mismanagement of the previous administration should not be held against the current administration. That argument falls flat for several reasons. First and foremost, the current Governor was the Lt. Governor under the previous administration making him part of the previous administration that mismanaged the EB-5 program. Second, the previous administration ended in January 2011 and the current administration did not end the state contract with the shady SDRC Inc. company until 2013 thus accounting for 2 years of mismanagement under the current administration. Third, the current administration is responsible for the Gear Up program where federal funds to be used for Native American education were instead funneled to other uses.

There appears to be a “culture of corruption” in the South Dakota state government where people see shady things happen but do or say nothing. Many people must have known about the shady actions of Joop Bollen when he created a company named SDRC Inc. and then passed EB-5 money to it, but only Bollen has been held accountable. This “culture of corruption” appears to have infected the Gear Up program as well as the EB-5 program. The FBI should investigate the administration of federal programs by South Dakota. 

The irony of this is that the State of South Dakota seems eager to obtain federal funds for programs that can be administered by administration officials where there is an opportunity for funds to be funneled to private individuals while the State rejects funds for Medicaid expansion where the funds are targeted to help low income disadvantaged people. While South Dakota voters continue to elect officials based largely on party affiliation rather on merit, it will be difficult to end this “culture of corruption.” Only by holding elected state officials accountable for misdeeds and mismanagement can this “culture of corruption” be ended. 

Mr. Williams issued the following statement:

“Until the culture of corruption is exposed and eliminated, federal programs that offer business incentives or other federal funds for programs like EB-5 and Gear Up should be suspended. A complete investigation of the administration and oversight of federal funds by State government officials is warranted.”

Jay Williams is a Yankton businessman who announced his candidacy to challenge Senator Thune for his US Senate seat in this fall’s election. Questions may be directed to his campaign press email:

You can listen to an audio clip from Jay Williams here:

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