Brazilian Beef Imports Imperil South Dakota Ag

Sioux Falls, SD – U.S. House candidate Paula Hawks addressed the recent loosening of safety restrictions on Brazilian beef imports into the United States. Between January 1, 2015 and June 1, 2016, over 69 million pounds of food imports were rejected at the U.S. border. Nearly 64 million pounds were rejected for serious health and food safety violations.

“Our producers are already suffering from a near record trade deficit and continue to face obstacles created by Congress and the Administration to remain competitive. We need to reject equivalency tests which weaken consumer safety and endanger U.S. cattle herds from foreign disease. We also need to immediately re-enact Country of Origin Labeling so our producers can fairly market their products, and ensure consumers can make an informed decision at the grocery store,” Hawks said.

Between FY 2013 and FY 2015, U.S. beef and poultry imports jumped 42% while prices continue to decline. The U.S. cattle herd is at its lowest number in 70 years. Recently, the Rural Mainstreet Index, a survey of 10 Midwestern and Western states, reported negative growth again in July at 39.8%, down from 43.9% in June. This is the 11th straight month of negative growth.

“It highlights why we need our one voice in the U.S. House to work every single day for South Dakota agriculture. You don’t check your herd just when you think it might be time to start calving. You check it as often as you can, rain or shine, because you understand something can go wrong at any moment. That’s the type of dedication it takes to be a successful rancher or farmer, and we need the same commitment from our representatives. Unfortunately, our leadership has become complacent and our producers are suffering because of it,” Hawks said.

Paid for Hawks for U.S. House
Hawks for U.S. House
PO Box 2848
Sioux Falls SD 57101 United States

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