Custer Residents Advised to Prepare for This Year’s Motorcycle Rally


CUSTER, SD (July 21, 2016) –It’s that time of year when Custer area residents need to prepare for this year’s motorcycle rally.  Official rally dates are August 8th through the 14th but predictions are that rally visitors will be arriving much earlier than that.  “Predictions on the number of people who will be attending are around 450,000,” says Mike Carter, Director of Emergency Management Services for Custer County.  “Like last year, we could see problems getting downtown.”  People are encouraged to not use Mt. Rushmore Road and to use either Washington or Crook Street to get around.

Residents are asked to pre-plan their personal affairs before the Rally starts.  Such things include but are not limited to the following:

  • Stocking up on groceries and other supplies
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Getting gas for our automobiles
  • Banking
  • Doctors visits
  • Going to the post office
  • Renewing drivers license
  • Getting license plates renewed

“Don’t take me wrong,” Carter went on to say.  “This is a time of year that many of us look forward to and increases our tourism and business climate. At the same time, it takes our small town atmosphere to an entirely new level and we just need to be prepared.”  As a way to quickly get information to the public with rally updates, people are encouraged to follow the County’s twitter account and Facebook page.  They can be found at CusterSD_EM (twitter) and


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