Independence Day and National Park Service Centennial Celebrations at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in July.

Keystone, South Dakota – Independence Day and National Park Service Centennial celebrations held at Mount Rushmore National Memorial come together in July.    

The month opens with a special art quilt exhibit.  During the month of July, 13 art quilts will be on display in the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center.  The art quilts were created by Fiber Works, a group of textile artists from the Lincoln-Omaha, Nebraska area, to celebrate the National Park Service centennial.  The artists were inspired by their favorite national park site. 

“The National Park system is a gift to all Americans.  For one hundred years places of historical significance, structures of great merit and many of the natural wonders of our country have been preserved and protected.  The National Park system is a symbol of what it means to be an American.  We each felt moved by our chosen park or monument to design a piece of fiber art to represent it.  We hope others will enjoy viewing the pieces we have created from our hearts,” stated Cynthia Levis of Fiber Works.

Continuing the celebration, July 4th will be a great day for a variety of park events.  Beginning at 8:30 in the morning in the Carvers Café there will be a press conference with the presidents featuring George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt fielding questions from the audience concerning their politics, philosophies and presidency.  During the day the presidents will be presenting short talks, answering questions and be available for photographs

Throughout the day enjoy the incredible melodies of Sequoia Crosswhite flute player and storyteller offering insights to his Lakota heritage.  Look for Sequoia at the Youth Exploration Area.  Award winning hoop dancer Jasmine Pickner will transform simple hoops into beautiful forms using music and stories to teach the audience about native dance.  Jasmine will be dancing on the Grand View Terrace at 11:30 and 2:30.

Top off your day with a special evening program featuring Face Vocal Band from Boulder Colorado creating music, vocals and amazing sounds.  Face provides an almost unbelievable musical experience.  Between musical sets Junior Rangers will have an opportunity to step on stage and take their oath of office.  They will join the audience in celebrating the centennial by learning about National Park Service history and listening to the presidents providing insight into their time in office.  The evening will culminate with Park Ranger Darrell Red Cloud performing the Lakota Flag Song followed by Face Vocal Band performing the national anthem, national park rangers with the retreat of the United States flag and finally the illumination of the sculpture in white light.

For a July 4th schedule of all activities offered, please visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial’s official website or call (605) 574-2523.

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