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Crow Peak Fire Update – June 28, 2016 9:30 a.m.

Crow Peak Fire Update – June 28, 2016 9:30 a.m.

Current Situation:  An infrared flight was flown over the Crow Peak Fire early this morning.  Infrared is used to detect areas of heat within the fire perimeter.  This allows fire officials to determine more accurately the size of the fire as well as where potential fire activity may occur. 

Air resources continue to be a vital part of suppression operations.  For safety reasons, the pilots are limited to eight hours of flight time a day just like commercial pilots.  For this reason, aircraft are being utilized when they will be the most effective at supporting firefighters on the ground and when the fire is most active.

A dozer line has been constructed north of the fire from Crow Creek Road east to Crow Peak Bench Road.  Firing operations will continue as firefighters work to remove unburned fuels between the dozer line and the existing fire edge.  To the east and south, crews will continue to prep existing roads and dozer lines in preparation for future firing operations.  On the west side of the fire crews will conduct firing operations as needed to carry fire down to established fire lines.

The public should expect to see smoke for some time as firefighters work to contain the fire.  Due to the steep terrain, burning material may roll downhill and ignite the fuels below.  The fire will then make short runs back up hill.  In addition, smoke from firing operations may be seen.

Evacuations: Voluntary and pre-evacuation notifications remain in effect along Crow Peak Bench Road. Voluntary evacuation notices were made along Crow Creek Road. Fire officials continue to closely monitor the structures.  To date no structures have been lost.

Closures: Higgins Gulch Road is now closed to the public; resident traffic only is allowed in the subdivision. The Black Hills National Forest has issued a temporary closure order for the Crow Peak area for public safety. The only area closed is in the immediate vicinity of the fire. Other recreational activities remain available throughout the northern hills.

Fire Statistics:                                                                                   

Start Date:  June 24, 2016
Size: 943 acres based on infrared flight
Location:  4 miles west of Spearfish, SD and 2 miles south of I-90
Cause: Lightning
Total Personnel: Approx. 419 with more arriving
Containment: 0%                                                  

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