South Dakota

Highway 16 Temporarily Closed in the Hell Canyon Area

Custer SD – At approximately 3:45 pm a Dixon Brothers tanker carrying 11,000 gallons of jet fuel was reported burning on Highway 16 west of Hell Canyon. Traffic is being stopped at Pass Creek and Dewey Road. The tractor, not the trailer is currently burning. Traffic is also halted from the Newcastle area. The Road will be remain closed after the fire is extinguished to allow an inspection of the roadway. No injuries have been reported.

As of 4:30 pm the road is closed for for at least an hour or more. Multiple units have responded with a unit in transit to help with removal of the fuel trailers. Fire units are still trying to extinguish the fire on the tractor, the tankers are not yet involved.


At 4:50 the fire is under control and State DOT is in transit to inspect the roadbed. Traffic has started to flow one lane east bound from Dewey road and will shortly alternate east and west bound.


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