The Best Buffalo Meat in The Known Universe.

A jovial Bruce Anderson, owner of Western Buffalo Company in Rapid City gets the look from a Buffalo out of the Custer State Park herd. Photo: Herb Ryan/Custer Free Press

When the Custer County Market was destroyed by fire on December 20, 2015, the prime retail source for Western Buffalo Company meat dried up in Custer. Western Buffalo Company continues to deliver to local restaurants but, the magic is in the meat and the cooking. Sorry Chef, but I don’t trust my Buffalo meat with anyone but me, and my CharBroil grille.

Gail Hise, who has been working at Western Buffalo Company for 34 years explained the different options available. There is a small freezer in the customer service area that has Buffalo T-bone steaks, patties, sausage, chuck roast, round roast, rib eye. Buffalo Salami, hot dogs, bratwurst and more. Buffalo sides, hind quarter, and front quarters can be ordered. There is an average waiting period of ten to fourteen days after you place your order. The Buffalo  are 2 year old corn-fed heifers. It is recommended you call  for specific product availability.

Western Buffalo Company
1015 E.St. Patrick St.
Rapid City, SD 57701
Western Buffalo Company

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