Trump for President Announces Texas Women For Trump Coalition

(New York, NY) December 10th, 2015 – The Donald J. Trump for President campaign is proud to announce the Leadership Committee of the Texas Women for Trump Coalition. This group of over 100 accomplished leaders – Republican women, Tea Party leaders, former city officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and philanthropists support Donald Trump and are committed to working to help him carry Texas.
Mr. Trump said, “It is a great honor to receive the endorsement of so many strong, accomplished women in the great state of Texas. Their leadership will help us win this important state on March 1st, 2016. With their support and the support of so many other women across the country, we are going to Make America Great Again.”

The Texas Women for Trump Coalition is led by many of the best, longtime Republican organizers all across Texas, as well as many newcomers who have been inspired by Mr. Trump’s message of securing our border, taking care of our Veterans and true tax reform.

“I always knew Donald Trump would be the answer to the desperate situation our country is enduring. And now with almost $20 trillion in debt, it is critical that we take Mr. Trump all the way to the White House and fix this mess,” said Caro Delgado of Houston, a Mexican-born businesswoman and proud American citizen who recently earned her U.S. citizenship.

“Donald J. Trump is the only candidate that will salvage this country and make things great again because he can’t be bought. He is the only choice!” said Gina O’Briant of Dallas, Statewide Co-Chair of Texas Women for Trump and Congressional District 3 Co-Chair.

“I am proud to support Donald Trump for President of the United States. Washington is broken and it’s going to take a leader who knows how to rebuild this country to make it great again. And Mr. Trump is that leader,” said Pamela Martin Duarte of Dallas, a 5th generation Texan and co-star of NBC Universal’s hit TV show “Big Rich Texas.”

“I have worked in Republican politics since my days of helping Ronald Reagan, and I have not seen such excitement for a Republican for President since then. I am thrilled to be on Mr. Trump’s campaign leadership team and will do all I can to help him win Texas!” said Mary Sue McCarty of Mesquite, a longtime Republican activist and organizer.

Mr. Trump has visited Texas numerous times throughout his campaign including hosting 20,000 at his Dallas rally in September and most recently in Beaumont where thousands turned out to hear Mr. Trump speak about his vision to Make America Great Again.

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